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    Veritas products and solutions from Zones

    Backup & Recovery

    Veritas NetBackup Appliances

    Simply Managed. Optimized for business

    Veritas NetBackup simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise. NetBackup Appliances combine turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.

    Zones is your trusted provider of Veritas and other recovery solutions. For more information or to place an order contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663

    Key Features

    Automated file protection
    Desktop and Laptop Option automates the copying of user files to a network share.

    Offline backup/restore
    When users are offline, Desktop and Laptop Option will backup files to a local folder accessible to users for restore. Once connection is restored, data will be moved from the local file to the network share.

    Optimized backups
    Backup your data optimally using Client Side Deduplication and incremental backups thereby minimizing network traffic and significantly saving storage space.

    Flexible deployment
    Centralized management for thousands of desktops and laptops.

    Large scale deployment
    Desktop and Laptop Option can be deployed with equal ease by small and large scale enterprise customers to protect their end-points.

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    Available Models

    NetBackup 5300 series
    A performance-optimized, integrated backup media server with high-density storage to support greater performance, capacity, and resiliency in the enterprise.

    NetBackup 5200 series
    A versatile, cost-optimized, integrated backup appliance that can be deployed for a NetBackup domain as a master server, media server, or both. In addition, it supports expanded storage capacity for deduplicated and non-deduplicated data.