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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services

HPE Lifecycle Event Services

Support as you make changes in your IT environment

Count on Hewlett Packard Enterprise experts and their global network of partners for project-based, per-event expertise and support at any stage of your IT lifecycle. You have access to a wide range of services that include deploying new technology, optimizing IT performance, simplifying operations, addressing privacy risks, and more.

Leverage Hewlett Packard Enterprise expertise to enable you to meet the needs of your business. To order this service, contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

HPE Installation and Deployment Services

HPE Installation and Deployment Services (IDS) make available to you a wealth of options, from deployment of simple rack-and-stack of discrete ISS servers, all the way to complex custom projects deployment within a distributed infrastructure environment — with a single, comprehensive framework, including the option of having the solution preconfigured and integrated in the HPE's factories, so that you save time.

HPE Technical Services for Virtualized Systems

HPE Technical Services can help IT managers meet operational, resourcing, and specialized skill requirements through focused and flexible service offerings. Offerings include HPE Performance and Capacity Analysis for virtualized environments, HPE Health Check Analysis for VMware virtual servers, HPE Virtualization Readiness Workshop for critical applications and HPE ITSM Assessment for virtualized environments.