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Customized service plan for past purchasers of HPE equipment from Zones

Are you prepared if your hardware fails?

Most companies, at some point, will experience a hardware failure that has the potential to devastate business operations. Can your company create a detailed consolidated asset report with each machine's manufacturer, model and serial number to create a trouble ticket for repair?

Zones is your trusted adviser for HPE hardware solutions. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

If the answer is no, consider the time you'll need to spend in gathering this information and the requirement to provide a credit card number or a purchase order upfront. But with the convenience of an HPE Day One warranty contract from Zones, you will never spend another moment searching for IT information.

HPE Day One is a customized service plan that allows you to consolidate, co-term, add or remove support at any time as well as receive credit back for removing hardware off of support. It gives you the flexibility you need to easily keep track and modify of all your support contracts. With just one report, the HPE Day One will have all of your hardware and support information included, as well as only one phone number to call with questions or issues.

Zones will assist HPE in managing your HPE Day One Contract, proactively eliminating any chance your support could lapse. Zones will take care of all registration and also assist on your behalf if any entitlement issues arise.

HPE Day One Contracts protect your IT investments

An HPE Day One Contract is a customized service agreement that allows clients to consolidate services for a variety of products into one, coterminous contract. The contract allows for different service levels, or response times, for various products, based on the client's requirements. Hardware or software support may be added during the term of the contract.

Under an HPE Day One Contract, Zones will even take care of your third-party hardware. Whether you only want your HPE products under warranty, or if you prefer to consolidate your third-party hardware into one agreement, HPE Day One can help organize and protect your IT investments.

HPE Day One will cover major vendors such as IBM and Dell on the same contract if your HPE products account for 50 percent or more of your IT hardware assets. Flexibility is a key benefit of working with HPE Day One.

Specific benefits:

  • HPE Day One service maintenance agreements can cover equipment both in and out of warranty
  • Services are typically purchased when a hardware product falls outside of the standard HPE/Zones Care Pack options (and currently installed Care Pack service requirements, of when the end user prefers to co-term all warranty coverage)
  • One contract covers multiple assets: printers, servers, laptops, etc.
  • Contracts are written for a one- to five-year term on various service levels
  • Service is delivered by HPE
  • HPE Day One Contracts are more flexible than Care Packs; all hardware can be placed on a single contract so that items are co-termed to expire at the same time
  • Client can add and delete hardware products from the contract (during the term of the contract) on a pro-rated basis

Additional benefits of buying through Zones:

  • Easier to manage, as Zones team will notify you before expiration
  • HPE can also service other third parties by request and approval
  • Registration is automatically done when contracts are written

Learn more about HPE Day One Contracts as well as HPE/Zones Care Packs by contacting your Zones account manager or emailing renewals@zones.com.