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HPE GreenLake

Accelerate your transformation with IT as a service.

HPE GreenLake is an infrastructure service that offers on-demand capacity and planning capabilities. By combining the flexibility and financial benefits of the cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT, you can have the best of both worlds whenever you like. And that degree of freedom puts you on the fast track to true digital transformation.

Companies of all sizes across all verticals - from manufacturing to retail to healthcare - leverage HPE GreenLake to gain flexibility, increase control, and lower their TCO. Thanks to metered usage - whether gigabytes of storage, compute hours, or megabytes of network traffic - you pay only for what you consume.

Here are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy with HPE GreenLake:
  • Tailor your solution to organizational objectives by choosing your technology
  • Budget more efficiently by paying only for what you use
  • More effectively plan capacity ahead of demand
  • Keep things running smoothly with proactive support
  • Ensure services are always aligned with your most pressing needs

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