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HPE Moonshot System

Workload-optimized solutions for better business outcomes

HPE Moonshot is an energy-efficient, integrated server system that gives you the right compute for your workloads. With HPE Moonshot you can get the most from your IT infrastructure - optimize application performance, realize breakthrough economics, and accelerate business innovation.

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HPE Moonshot Chassis

The Moonshot 1500 Chassis supports a range of server, storage and networking solution cartridges optimized for social, cloud, mobile, and big data - giving you the edge to anticipate your customers' needs. The Moonshot 1500 Chassis shares power, cooling, management, and fabric for 45 individually serviceable hot-plug server cartridges; enabling them to use less energy, cabling, space, and cost while reducing complexity.

HPE Moonshot m300 Server Cartridge

Web Infrastructure

Moonshot with the ProLiant m300 server cartridge delivers a complete, multi-tier web infrastructure in a box that allows you to layer your application stack, including load-balancing, web serving, and databases across dedicated groups of servers within a chassis. The result is a very dense form factor designed to scale easily when business needs require it.

HPE Moonshot m350 Server Cartridge

Web Hosting

Moonshot with the HPE ProLiant m350 Server Cartridge leverages low-energy processors and storage to provide an ideal solution for managed hosting. With eight cores per server and up to 180 servers per system, it is the densest CPU core count available in a Moonshot System. It provides the economics that enable you to extend your service offering and open up new markets that require a lower price point.

HPE Moonshot m400 Server Cartridge

Web Caching

Moonshot with the HPE ProLiant m400 Server Cartridge is engineered in perfect alignment with the innovation in mobile computing where energy-efficient computing is a design priority. Moonshot with 64-bit ARM processors offer 2X the memory of typical mid-range servers, enabling dramatic performance gains in memory bandwidth and overall server productivity, while reducing power costs relative to overbuying compute.

HPE Moonshot m700 Server Cartridge

Hosted Desktop Infrastructure

Many IT organizations struggle to securely and easily deliver performance-driven remote desktops to their mobile workforce. With an independent compute and graphics processing unit for each user, the HPE ConvergedSystem 100 powered by Moonshot and Citrix XenDesktop delivers consistent, reliable performance and a high quality of service for business graphics and multimedia applications.

HPE Moonshot m710 Server Cartridge

Video Transcoding

Video content providers are already challenged to deliver increasing volumes of content to a growing number of devices, in different formats and resolutions. The upcoming adoption of ultra-high definition (4k, 8k) television will place an even more massive strain on existing transcoding infrastructures. The ProLiant m710 delivers HD performance at SD prices and with up to approximately 100 HD streams per rack unit. Powered by the Intel Xeon E3-1284Lv3 with built-in Intel Iris Pro Graphics P5200 processor, it allows expanded offerings, adoption of new formats, and the ability to scale without the need for massive expansion of data center facilities.

HPE Moonshot m800 Server Cartridge

Real-Time Data Processing

Performing real-time analytics on large volumes of rapidly changing data is unachievable with system traditional IT infrastructure. Moonshot is unleashing a massively parallel digital signal processing (DSP) solution for real-time analysis of high volume, complex data. Powered by Texas Instruments KeyStone II based 66AK2H SoC, the ProLiant m800 combines the high performance of a DSP engine with Moonshot's innovative 2D Torus fabric to enable high bandwidth, low latency data throughput.

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