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Zones is helping government agencies modernize their data centers to achieve their cost savings, environmental sustainability, security, and consolidation goals.

The solution architects of nfrastructure, the services division of Zones, hold the highest levels of certification from the manufacturers Zones represents. Whether you're consolidating servers to meet the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, transitioning specific workloads to cloud, or have other data center projects on your list, nfrastructure's highly trained professionals can be your IT advisor. They will work side by side with you to implement effective, efficient IT systems. Located across the U.S., nfrastructure team members are always readily available to discuss or design any project you're considering.

Zones is your complete IT solutions provider for State & Local Government. For more information, contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663


Count on Zones to help you specify and deploy the most efficient blade, rack or tower design for your specific application.


To simplify storage management, nfrastructure leverages deep knowledge and the industry's top providers to deliver forward-thinking, custom-designed storage solutions. We can help you reduce the likelihood of data center outages, and design a system that gets you up and running faster, should disaster strike.


Virtualization creates opportunities for your organization to consolidate computing resources to streamline IT management while improving availability, security and utility.

The reduced data center footprint enabled by virtualization provides the added benefits of lower power, cooling and space costs. Let us show you how to do more with less.

Cloud Solutions

The Zones Cloud Solutions team provides a range of custom and packaged solutions focused on messaging, collaboration, data protection, infrastructure, IT tools and private clouds.

Our Cloud Solutions team is adept at helping you understand the key characteristics and benefits of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, and will guide you to the one that suits you and your infrastructure best.

Power & Cooling

When your data center goes down, everyone is affected. Whether your data center is a single tower, a roomful of racks, or acres of servers, Zones has scalable power and cooling solutions to help keep your data center running through even the most adverse conditions.

Get the technology you need now without having to pay for it all up front. Lease it from Zones! Learn more