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Higher Education

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Zones is your complete IT solutions provider for SLED Solutions. For more information, contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.381.9663

In higher education, IT leaders face a unique set of challenges as they work to address diverse device support, research-grade performance expectations, extreme demands on wireless networks, and aging infrastructures. At the same time, they're under pressure to deploy cutting edge technology in a world of tight budgets and time-consuming requisitioning and bidding processes.

The Higher Education team at Zones can help you accelerate change by leveraging our experience in education and specialized knowledge of contracting and contract administration. We'll move quickly to make sure you achieve your goals for improving IT.

Working together with your IT leaders and staff, Zones can help you deploy technologies that enhance services for students, faculty and researchers, while hitting administrative targets for performance and spending. With local offices across the U.S., Zones team members provide seamless support and services that ensure the integrity of your IT solutions.

Collaboration and Connected Learning

By leveraging advanced video, voice and data collaboration tools, you can foster a collaborative learning environment that allows students to engage more meaningfully with course content, instructors and the learning process.

Classroom Technology

Interactive whiteboards, projectors and give instructors creative and engaging ways to share prepared information and spontaneously create, collaborate and share new insights in real time, and then capture and retain those insights for future use. Centrally managed digital signage is an efficient, economical and engaging way to keep everyone on campus on the same page – without the expense of printing, distributing, mounting and maintaining print media. Digital signage can also be used in classrooms as satellite displays and can be assembled into a captivating instructional video wall display.


The student population expects your infrastructure to keep pace with the latest technologies, and instructors rely on you to show them how to stay current as well. What's more, the administration and best practices dictate that you deploy mobility solutions securely and economically. The Zones Mobility experts work in concert with your Zones Account Manager to deliver reliable, robust and secure mobility solutions that can keep everyone connected and satisfied all the time.


Zones partners with leading hardware suppliers like Fortinet, Barracuda Networks, Cisco, and SonicWall, to deploy a wide range of firewall, web filter, application control, IPSec and other email, web and network security equipment to safeguard your data.

Data Center

At Zones, our Account Managers, technical teams and software specialists work in strategic collaboration to create customized IT solutions for public and private institutions.

Zones Solution Architects hold the highest levels of certification from the manufacturers Zones represents. These highly trained professionals will work side by side with you to implement effective, efficient IT systems, whether you're upgrading a computer lab or building out a data center. Located across the U.S., our team members are always readily available to discuss or design any project you're considering.

Network Infrastructure

Zones removes complexity from networking by designing, upgrading and deploying cost-effective architectures to deliver better response times, greater stability and enhanced reliability and security. With networking engineers and solution architects located across the United States, Zones can provide rapid resolution of your most challenging network issues.


At Zones, our software specialists help you evaluate and manage your entire software license portfolio. They ensure you select the most cost-effective software license program option, and partner with you for implementation of contracts and paperwork. On a continual basis, they keep IT and procurement teams up to date with new information and upgrades. Count on Zones software specialists to maximize the value of your license programs and provide ongoing strategic planning.

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