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Lenovo Converged HX Server Systems

Simplify IT with appliances from Lenovo and Nutanix

Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix appliances deliver extreme reliability, dependable security, and predictable scalability. Each of the HX Series appliances is tailored to excel at specific workloads, from smaller deployments for small to medium business to compute-heavy and storage-heavy workloads for Big Data and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment.

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HX 1000 Series

The 1U 1-node Lenovo HX 1000 Series appliance is engineered for light to medium workloads (business applications and VDI) and optimized for remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments.

HX 2000 Series

Lenovo HX 2000 Series appliances are available in 1U 1-node and 2U 4-node form factors and are engineered with small and medium businesses (SMBs) in mind.

HX 3000 Series

Lenovo HX 3000 Series appliances are available in 1U 1-node, 2U 1-node, and 2U 4-node form factors. All HX 3000 Series models are engineered for compute-heavy workloads (business applications and VDI) and offer rack-dense, all-flash (-F) and GPU (-G) models.

HX 5000 and HX 7000 Series

The 2U 1-node Lenovo HX 5000 Series appliances are engineered for storage-heavy workloads (Big Data and enterprise applications) and offer a high-capacity model. The 2U 1-node Lenovo HX 7000 Series appliance is engineered for high-performance workloads (enterprise applications and databases) and optimized for I/O intensive operation.

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