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    Mobility Assessments

    You can look before you leap.
    Or after.

    In order to succeed, you need a comprehensive understanding of the critical elements that impact your ability to achieve your organization's goals. Only independent and verifiable documentation of your wireless infrastructure, security, EMM processes, and financial requirements equip you with the knowledge and insight you need to move forward to success.

    Wireless Network Assessment

    Connected end users are efficient and productive workers. A Wireless Network Assessment analyzes your infrastructure for connectivity concerns, using industry-leading tools and best practices. With this information, we provide recommendations for improving or upgrading the wireless environment.

    • On-site assessment conducted by certified engineers.
    • Findings report
    • Heat maps of the current network, and
    • Identify ways to remediate any issues identified

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Health Check

    EMM allows organizations to better manage mobile devices, content, applications, and related expenses. A Zones EMM Health Check ensures your environment is configured properly, based on industry best practices.

    • Performed on-site or remotely
    • Evaluation of all EMM configurations
    • Assessment of organizational goals and desired end state.
    • Implementation of changes or additional feature sets to achieve your EMM expectations.
    • Knowledge transfer to client mobility administrators to enable independence, if desired, to manage your own environment.

    DaaS Readiness Assessment

    The mobile environment is changing rapidly, and so are the ways you can manage expenses and processes around implementation and management. Zones provides innovative solutions to augment legacy processes to ensure cost savings and recuperation.

    • Analyze organizational processes surrounding mobile device and infrastructure procurement, lifecycle management, and support of your computing devices
    • Provide recommendations on conducting those business processes more efficiently

    OS Upgrade Readiness Assessment

    Outsource time-consuming and risk-prone OS implementations and upgrades to Zones, and your IT team can focus on high-value infrastructure and strategic projects.

    Looks at current operating system and ability to move the organization to a new or different operating system.

    • Review current state process and policies.
    • Check for system compatibility and performance.
    • Create testing, implementation, and deployment schedule.
    • Maintain image and device compatibility.