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    Broaden knowledge and skills with mobile learning experiences

    While the academic community was an early adopter of mobility, almost non-stop innovations are creating new opportunities and challenges.

    Expand your digital learning environment while also using technology to optimize your Wi-Fi network, simplify management, and increase security.

    With today's technology, we make it possible for you to:

    • Optimize digital classroom experience
    • Reduce helpdesk tickets
    • Ease management of student devices
    • Increase data and physical security
    Explore how today's innovative technologies and making a difference for students, educators, and IT managers. Get started by contacting your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

    Zones Mobility Strategy Planning

    Our solution specialists assist you with integrating mobile technologies in ways to engage students, streamline mobility management, and increase security.

    Here we highlight some common key elements of successful strategies:

    Create a 1-to-1 Environment

    • Deploy the right devices to the right classrooms
    • Assess Wi-Fi networks to identify capabilities and areas of concern
    • Implement mass charging stations across campus
    • Evaluate support for Mac, Windows, and Android devices

    Centralize Device Management

    • Deploy applications to students through mobile management and central learning consoles
    • Push updates to devices automatically through mobile device management
    • Manage policies for students, teachers, and administrators

    Enhance Security and Safety

    • Elevate security to detect advanced persistent threats
    • Assess endpoint security to prevent potential risks and identify vulnerabilities
    • Establish links into wireless video surveillance cameras to increase physical security

    These and other strategic initiatives are easily achieved with our help. To get started, ask your Zones account manager about a no-cost solution workshop.