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    Transportation & Logistics

    Keep your fleet and inventory moving

    While the goals – clear supply chain visibility, efficient fleet utilization, and optimization of workflows – haven't changed, how to achieve them has changed.

    Provide real-time information about the movement of people and goods, in the warehouse and while in transit, with new mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

    We make it possible for you to:

    • Improve efficiency within transit vehicles
    • Implement real-time remote fleet management
    • Track assets while in warehouse and in transit
    • Automate and optimize warehouse workflows
    Explore how today's innovative technologies are making a difference for students, educators, and IT managers. Get started by contacting your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

    Zones Mobility Strategy Planning

    Our solution specialists assist you with integrating mobile technologies in ways to empower workers, increase efficiency, and support your business goals.

    Here we highlight some common key elements of successful strategies:

    Enable Remote Vehicle Monitoring

    • Deploy connected devices into fleet
    • Manage devices through mobile device management and geofencing
    • Leverage signature capture applications

    Implement Digital Data Logging Solutions

    • Analyze current data management challenges
    • Implement data performance and analytics
    • Optimize data storage through cloud and on-premises solutions

    Create Electronic Warehouse Environment

    • Address current workflow processes
    • Develop solutions for warehouse automation and optimization
    • Assess Wi-Fi networks to ensure connectivity throughout location
    • Configure devices, accessories, and software for rapid deployment

    These and other strategic initiatives are easily achieved with our help. To get started, ask your Zones account manager about a no-cost solution workshop.