MobileIron Apps@Work

Support native mobile apps securely on any mobile device

MobileIron Apps@Work provides an integrated solution to support native mobile apps securely on any mobile device. Apps@Work includes both AppConnect and AppTunnel. It creates an enterprise app persona that includes all business apps and data on a mobile device and allows the user to access their corporate content securely and natively. MobileIron Apps@Work enables both IT and end users to fully embrace the potential of mobile apps in the enterprise.

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Features include:

App Storefront
One of the benefits of the MobileIron platform is its ability to manage native mobile apps for business users. The built-in Enterprise App Storefront provides both the tightest security and best user experience for the distribution and delivery of mobile applications company-wide.

MobileIron AppConnect
MobileIron AppConnect encases apps to protect data-at-rest without touching personal data. Each app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removable.

MobileIron AppTunnel
MobileIron AppTunnel provides security enhanced tunneling and access control to protect app data-in-motion. Fine-grained, app-by-app session security protects the connection of each app container to the corporate network.