Dell products and solutions from Zones


Dell Application Protection

Restore critical application data in seconds

You can avoid business-crippling data loss and enable superb continuity of mission-critical applications with solutions that restore your most critical application data in seconds, and your entire infrastructure in minutes. Dell data protection solutions ensure your applications can be recovered and made available as quickly and efficiently as you can recover your data.

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AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery

Ensure fast, easy protection of your virtual, physical or cloud environment with backup, replication and recovery software delivering near-continuous data protection (CDP) and faster, safer restores.

NetVault Backup

NetVault Backup is a cross-platform backup and recovery software solution that safeguards your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments. It's scalable and supports multiple server and application platforms across your enterprise. A single, intuitive interface requires minimal experience, simplifying your data backup and recovery.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory

Recovery Manager for Active Directory enables you to maintain maximum uptime and prevent productivity losses due to human error or hardware/software failures. With automated backups, you can quickly restore Active Directory to pinpoint changes and granularly recover specific data – all without taking Active Directory offline.

Recovery Manager for Exchange

Recovery Manager for Exchange makes email recovery fast and easy – without the need for a dedicated recovery server. From a single console, you can execute an Exchange database recovery to retrieve message-level data from multiple sources. Make your email recovery easy with intelligent search function based on sender, recipient, date, subject, attachment or keyword. You also can search by advanced patterns and other custom queries, or compare an online mailbox with its backup to identify any changes.

Recovery Manager for SharePoint

Simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores with Recovery Manager for SharePoint. Use your existing enterprise or native backups in order to perform granular searches, previews and comparisons with this flexible tool. Execute restores from your existing SharePoint backup, even when your data is offline or stored in external or remote BLOB storage (EBS/RBS).