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Dell NetVault Backup

Safeguard your data in diverse IT environments

The success of your business depends on your ability to protect, access and leverage your mission-critical data on a daily basis – and restore it quickly in the event of an unexpected data loss. Yet many organizations use data protection software that sacrifices functionality for simplicity, or scalability for versatility.

With NetVault Backup, organizations of all sizes can benefit from advanced, cross-platform data protection that is simple to use out of the box, and scales easily to accommodate data growth.

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Benefit from these key features of NetVault Backup

Application protection

Ensure the availability of all of your business critical applications, including Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SAP, and others.

NAS protection

Get advanced data protection for information stored on NAS devices, including those made by Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp, and Sun.

Enterprise-wide control

Use NetVault's web-based user interface to configure, manage, and monitor your backup and recovery operations.

Strong security

Meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing backup windows or deduplication performance.

Back up to disk and tape

Back up to a wide range of storage targets, including disk-based devices, tape libraries, and third-party deduplication appliances.

Flexible storage attachment

Avoid data transfers over the network by attaching a target storage device directly to a source server.

Data deduplication

Use with the Dell DR Series of deduplication appliances to take full advantage of the appliance's powerful deduplication, compression, and replication capabilities.

Virtualization support

Extend advanced data protection to VMware and Hyper-V environments.