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Dell Identity Governance

Enhance the efficiency of your access functions

Achieve identity, data, and privileged access governance from a modular and integrated foundation with Dell One Identity solutions. Effectively and affordably meet the management, auditing and compliance needs that are prerequisites to building strong governance using a simple and business-focused approach. Improve the efficiency of business processes and reduce the administrative burdens for IT by empowering your business users with key governance functions.

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Identity Manager

With Identity Manager, you can manage user identities, privileges, and security across the enterprise. By leveraging an automated architecture, Identity Manager simplifies major identity and access management tasks to a fraction of the complexity, time or expense of "traditional" framework solutions.

Privileged Password Manager

Privileged Password Manager empowers you to control the process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. It automates and secures the process, ensuring that when administrators require elevated access for shared and privileged credentials, such as the Unix root password, it's granted according to established policy.