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Dell Recovery Manager for SharePoint

Simplify SharePoint backup and recovery

With Recovery Manager for SharePoint, you can simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores. Dell's flexible tool lets you leverage your existing enterprise or native backups in order to perform granular searches, previews and comparisons. From your existing backups, you can then execute restores – even when your data is offline or stored in external or remote BLOB storage (EBS/RBS).

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Benefit from these key features of Recovery Manager for SharePoint

Leverage your existing backups

Use your existing backups to recover the data you need instead of creating completely new, duplicates. Recovery Manager integrates with SQL Server and SharePoint native backups, as well as Dell LiteSpeed for SQL and other third-party backups, to enhance index and search capabilities and simplify restore process.

Improved discovery and indexing

Save time searching for and through existing backups and recycle bins to get the exact data you need. Recovery Manager automatically discovers and indexes your existing backups, including externalized SharePoint data, as they are created so you can locate and preview missing items across multiple backups and recycle bins before restoring them.

Complete restores

Spend less time and effort in the recovery process with full-fidelity data restores, including permissions, version history, workflow status and metadata. Recovery Manager automatically restores data back to its previous environment including workflow status and permissions.

Access anytime:
Get users the SharePoint data they need when they need it – even when SharePoint is down. Recovery Manager recovers data to non-SharePoint locations, like a desktop or a file share, so users are never without the content they need.

Secure backup and recovery

Keep your SharePoint configurations and data secure no matter what. Recovery Manager performs site, site collection, web application and farm restores, including all content, services and configuration settings.