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Dell AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery

Protect data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments

Your world is built on the data you need to run your business, service your customers and stay competitive in your industry. Ensure fast, easy protection of your virtual, physical or cloud environment with backup, replication and recovery software delivering near-continuous data protection (CDP) and faster, safer restores.

AppAssure is advanced data protection that unifies backup, replication and recovery in one, easy-to-use software solution. Go further than simply protecting the data that makes up your digital world on virtual, physical, and cloud environments with AppAssure's ability to provide near continuous access to data after an incident, keeping your business productive. Plus, you have complete confidence that the data you're backing up will be restorable with AppAssure's ability to test file system as well Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server application consistency. And once data has been backed up, you have the flexible restore capabilities that will match the needs of your business.

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Benefit from these key features of AppAssure

Live recovery

Restore operations almost instantly with an RTO of minutes.

Verified recovery

Perform automated recovery testing and verification of backups to ensure that the file systems, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server instances you back up will be recovered.

Universal recovery

Restore at any level, from a single file, message or data object, to a complete machine (physical or virtual), even to dissimilar hardware.

Cloud archive

Archive your static data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, or any OpenStack provider.

Virtual standby

Continually send updates to a virtual machine that can be activated in the event there's an issue with the primary machine.

Forever incremental snapshots

Snapshot data up to every 60 minutes for granular RPOs.

Change-block tracking

Track changes at the block level, backing up only the data that has changed to ensure optimal performance.

Integrated deduplication and file compression

Cut storage requirements by up to 80 percent with integrated deduplication and file compression.