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Dell Access Management: Password Management

Simplify password management while ensuring tight security

Reduce the high cost of password resets with self-service capabilities. Implement consistent password policies with granular management capabilities across platforms and applications. Unify identities and synchronize passwords, eliminating the problems of multiple, disparate passwords.

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Privileged Password Manager

Privileged Password Manager empowers you to control the process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. It automates and secures the process, ensuring that when administrators require elevated access for shared and privileged credentials, such as the Unix root password, it's granted according to established policy.


Defender enhances security by requiring two-factor authentication to gain access to your valuable network resources. Defender uses your current identity store within Microsoft Active Directory to enable two-factor authentication, taking advantage of its inherent scalability and security, and eliminating the costs and time involved to set up and maintain proprietary databases.

Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Solve the security and administration issues inherent in Unix-based systems, while achieving compliance, using Privileged Access Suite for Unix. The suite consolidates and unifies Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X identities. It assigns individual accountability and allows centralized reporting, giving you and your users access to the systems. Privileged Access Suite for Unix also provides least privilege capabilities, ensuring that your administrators can only access what they need in order to perform their jobs.

The all-in-one suite for Unix security combines Active Directory bridge and root-delegation solutions under a unified console. This gives your organization centralized visibility and more efficient administration of access rights and identities across your entire Unix environment.