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    Dell products and solutions from Zones


    Dell Migration Manager

    Conduct a seamless migration

    Migration Manager mitigates the risk of migrating, consolidating, or restructuring your environment and ensures zero impact on users while also requiring fewer resources. It also automatically updates your users' profiles, secures their data and prevents errors before they happen.

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    Migration Manager for Active Directory

    Ensure true coexistence between migrated and non-migrated users while merging or restructuring Active Directory. Migration Manager for Active Directory empowers you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory, and ensures that migrated and non-migrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved. Simplify the migration process and integrate workflows for pre-migration analysis, setup, object migration, resource updating, and post-migration cleanup. Ensure a successful migration, whether your organization is restructuring to meet specific security regulations or undergoing an acquisition or merger.

    Migration Manager for Exchange

    Use Migration Manager for Exchange to mitigate the risk of migrating, consolidating, or restructuring your Exchange environment. Ensure zero impact on users while also requiring fewer resources. By synchronizing Active Directory and Exchange data, including public folders, calendar information and mailbox data, you can deliver true coexistence for your Exchange migration project. Automatically update your users' Outlook profiles, secure their data and prevent errors before they happen to ensure peak operating efficiency of your resources during the move.

    Migration Manager for SharePoint

    Preserve valuable information and turn it into business intelligence with Migration Manager for SharePoint. Easily migrate sites, content, settings, metadata, permissions and workflows to SharePoint. Optimize content storage, streamline information access and enhance recovery time objectives by reorganizing SharePoint 2007 to 2010 migration site structures. Migrate and consolidate SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, and SharePoint 2010 content to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.