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Dell Access Management: Identity and Directory Consolidation and Migration

Boost operational and administrative efficiency

Reduce complexity and optimize your environment whether your identities are on-premises, in virtualized environments or in the cloud. Consolidate disparate systems and identities into existing infrastructure, facilitate migrations, and extend Active Directory to non-Windows systems.

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Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Solve the security and administration issues inherent in Unix-based systems, while achieving compliance, using Privileged Access Suite for Unix. The suite consolidates and unifies Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X identities. It assigns individual accountability and allows centralized reporting, giving you and your users access to the systems. Privileged Access Suite for Unix also provides least privilege capabilities, ensuring that your administrators can only access what they need in order to perform their jobs.

The all-in-one suite for Unix security combines Active Directory bridge and root-delegation solutions under a unified console. This gives your organization centralized visibility and more efficient administration of access rights and identities across your entire Unix environment.

Virtual Directory Server

Modify the presentation of data on the fly with Virtual Directory Server, a middleware application that abstracts back-end data from client applications. Easily integrate new applications into your existing identity infrastructure without having to alter directory information, so your data stays put and in the same format. Run Virtual Directory Server in environments where a variety of operating systems are used. Improve overall performance through load balancing and search caching using a single, granular security policy for all back-end repositories.