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Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

Versatile data protection that grows as you need it

The Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite offers you full access to three of the most powerful data protection software applications priced by front-end terabyte. That means you won't overpay for a one-size-fits-all solution with features you don't use. Simply purchase the components you need today, and then add capacity as your business grows. This approach can cut data protection costs by up to 55% in environments of more than 250TB.

Three solutions – AppAssure, NetVault Backup, and vRanger – give you the flexibility to protect data of all criticality levels across physical, virtual, or cloud environments for nearly any operating system. Plus, with each product delivering unique RPO/RTOs, you can easily tie recovery requirements to the value of your information.

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Benefits from these key features of Dell Backup & Recovery Suite:

Versatile access

Get what you need when your business needs it, at no extra cost for additional components. Whether your needs best fit the capabilities of AppAssure, NetVault Backup, or vRanger, you have complete access to them all.

Flexibility based on priorities

Classify your data and applications by criticality, RPO/RTO parameters, or duration of storage, and then use the product in the suite that best matches your classification.

Scalable protection

Protect thousands of VMs via agentless technology, active block mapping, compression, and deduplication.

High availability assurance

Rely on capabilities such as 288 snapshots/day, virtual standby, and Live Recovery.

Fast recovery

Ensure that critical workloads are restored in minutes, not hours.

Optimized storage use

Reduce your data storage footprint by up to 90% using NetVault SmartDisk with vRanger.

Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite includes:

AppAssure: Aggressive data protection for critical applications or users

  • Protect critical workloads with up to 288 snapshots per day
  • Replication easily allows critical machines to be sent off site
  • Fast recovery times with Live Recovery and Virtual Standby
  • Validate backups every night
  • Granular restore of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
  • P2V, V2V, and P2P recovery of protected machines

VRanger: Protects entire VMware and Hyper-V environments in minutes

  • Scale to protect thousands of VMs
  • Automatically protect newly added virtual machines
  • Quick file level recovery for virtual machines using catalog search
  • Software deduplication with NetVault SmartDisk
  • Speed backups using ABM and change block tracking

NetVault Backup: Scalable backup for broad use across a diverse environment

  • Add to write vRanger and AppAssure backups to tape
  • Support for a larger variety of operating systems
  • Protect enterprise applications such as Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL, Sybase, and more
  • Ideal for complex tape and NDMP support