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Dell Recovery Manager for Exchange

Discover, compare, and export Microsoft Exchange messages

Recovery Manager for Exchange makes email recovery fast and easy-without the need for a dedicated recovery server. From a single console, you can execute an Exchange database recovery to retrieve message-level data from multiple sources.

Make your email recovery easy with Recovery Manager's intelligent search function based on sender, recipient, date, subject, attachment or keyword. You also can search by advanced patterns and other custom queries, or compare an online mailbox with its backup to identify any changes. After your search, Recovery Manager can export the data in your choice of formats to assist with email discovery requests.

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Benefit from these key features of Recovery Manager for Exchange:

Federated search

Search multiple email data sources simultaneously-all from a single interface. Recovery Manager for Exchange covers a wealth of sources, including Office 365, production mailboxes (including archived mailboxes), public and personal folders, offline Exchange database files (.edb), Archive Manager, and VSS snapshots.

Multiple export options

Export search results in .pst, .eml, .msg or .txt formats, or to an Exchange online mailbox, archived mailbox, public folder, Office 365, or Archive Manager.

Intelligent search

Search for keywords or number patterns in the body of an email, as well as headers, deleted items, threads, categories or attachment types. You can even expand your search to look for a particular sender, subject line or any related messages.

Comparison of source and target folders

Compare contents in selected source and target containers (storages, mailboxes or folders) and use the results to selectively restore data from the source to the target.

Support for backup software

Find and retrieve data across native Microsoft backups and most major third-party backup software, including NetVault Backup and NetVault FastRecover from Dell, EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, and Symantec Backup Exec and NetBackup.

Direct access to tape

Enjoy direct access to the most common tape format backups, including MTF (Microsoft Tape Format), Open Tape Format (OTF) backups created with EMC NetWorker, and Tape Archive (TAR) backups created with Symantec NetBackup.

Task automation

Automate and schedule searching and exporting of email data. Recovery Manager's Task Wizard provides centralized management and monitoring of automated tasks.


Get reports containing details on searches performed, messages restored and tasks completed. Recovery Manager's comprehensive reporting helps improve overall security.