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Dell Access Management: Single Sign-on and Federation

Gain the full spectrum of single sign-on capabilities

Gain the full spectrum of single sign-on capabilities, no matter which systems or applications you use. These include true single sign-on, enterprise single sign-on, password synchronization, federation, and web single sign-on. Dell One Identity solutions offer comprehensive capabilities to simplify and secure authentication for users, partners, customers and IT.

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Cloud Access Manager

Cloud Access Manager, part of the Dell One Identity products from Dell Software, provides users with browser-based access to internal and cloud-based web applications while simultaneously enhancing security and IT efficiency. Cloud Access Manager delivers single sign-on (SSO), just-in-time cloud provisioning, identity federation, access control and auditing for a wide array of web application access scenarios.

Enterprise Single Sign-on

Enterprise Single Sign-on enables your organization to streamline both end-user management and enterprise-wide administration of single sign-on (SSO). It bases application and system user logins on your existing Active Directory identities, so there's no infrastructure for you to manage.

Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Solve the security and administration issues inherent in Unix-based systems, while achieving compliance, using Privileged Access Suite for Unix. The suite consolidates and unifies Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X identities. It assigns individual accountability and allows centralized reporting, giving you and your users access to the systems. Privileged Access Suite for Unix also provides least privilege capabilities, ensuring that your administrators can only access what they need in order to perform their jobs.

The all-in-one suite for Unix security combines Active Directory bridge and root-delegation solutions under a unified console. This gives your organization centralized visibility and more efficient administration of access rights and identities across your entire Unix environment.