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Dell Recovery Manager for Active Directory

Back up and recover data without going offline

Recovery Manager for Active Directory enables you to maintain maximum uptime and prevent productivity losses due to human error or hardware/software failures. With automated backups, you can quickly restore Active Directory to pinpoint changes and granularly recover specific data – all without taking Active Directory offline.

Using Recovery Manager's online restore capabilities, you can undertake an Active Directory recovery for whole sections, as well as individual objects and attributes – all without downtime. This time-saving technology helps you reduce administration costs and maintain productivity.

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Benefit from these key features of Recovery Manager for Active Directory

AD recycle bin

Use a wizard-based console to direct you through a streamlined recovery process, effectively creating a graphical Active Directory recycle bin – no scripting required.

Online, granular restore

Restore directory objects without the need to restart domain controllers. This eliminates downtime and any impact on users who are logged on to the network.

Comparison reporting

Use reports to compare the online state of AD with its backup and highlight changes made to the directory data since the backup. Comparisons can also be made between different backups.

Comprehensive recovery options

Restore any object in AD, including users, groups, computers, organizational units (OUs), sites, subnets, and Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

Attribute-level restore

Restore individual attributes, such as account settings, group memberships and binary attributes, even when the object itself has not been deleted.

Scalable, flexible backup of AD

Schedule backups for off-peak hours and centrally manage system state backups for domain controllers.

Disaster recovery protection

Automatically monitor the health of AD backups, and send email alerts when backups fail or errors are encountered.

Backup and restore of Active Directory lightweight directory services (AD LDS)

Back up and perform online restores of deleted or inadvertently modified AD LDS objects without interfering with its operation.