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Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Bring cloud speed to your data center

With the 2016 wave of hybrid data center solutions, Microsoft is bringing cloud-inspired technologies to the traditional data center. New and enhanced features can help you make the most of your existing resources while delivering innovation to your customers.

From the software-defined data center to the application platform, Windows Server 2016 offers new investments in cloud technology that can benefit your data center today.

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Windows Server 2016 brings you new advanced features to further extend software-defined data center capabilities. Advances in storage, networking, and compute are all fully integrated into the platform to give you the foundation you need to meet business requirements.

  • Reduce your data center footprint and attack surface with Nano Server, a new deployment option for Windows Server 2016 that is up to 25x smaller than a full Windows Server deployment
  • Make innovation easier with modern application platform capabilities for Windows Server Containers and – new in this technical preview – Hyper-V Containers
  • Help prevent attacks with powerful security-enhanced features, including shielded virtual machines, Host Guardian Service, and just-enough and just-in-time administrative privileges
  • Reduce costs with improved, modern, software-defined datacenter capabilities, across storage, networking, and compute

Versions available:

Ideal For High Density Virtualization Low Density or No Virtualization Cloud-enabled first server

Unlimited Instances

  • Simplified licensing
  • Cloud level scale at lower cost

Two Intances

  • Host any Windows Server OS
  • Uses Hyper-V Replica formulate mode disaster recovery

One Instance

  • Host Windows Server Essentials OS
Licensing Processor + CAL Processor + CAL Server (25 User Limit)
Pricing $6,155 $882 $501