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Make it simple to keep pace with Microsoft technology

Zones software licensing experts can show you how Microsoft volume licensing makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple devices within your organization. Purchasing in volume often reduces overall cost and improves software management.

Microsoft Volume Licensing's Open Programs offer a convenient and simple way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. Choose from Open Value, Open Value Subscription or Open License to help track your licenses, reduce compliance risk, and have more time to focus on your business. Open Value and Open License share many of the same program features, but give you different license purchasing options. These options ensure that you are getting a program that fits your organization.

Evaluate your licensing options with the Zones team that continues to win awards from Microsoft for operational excellence. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663.

Open Value

A flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. It's optimal for organizations that want to standardize their IT infrastructure, customize their platform, and maximize their investment with Microsoft Software Assurance. Open Value has a three-year commitment term and allows you to upgrade at any time so there is no need to track versions or open new agreements.

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Open Value Subscription

The Subscription option features the same benefits as Open Value, but with lower up-front costs. With Open Value Subscription you have the ability to increase or decrease your license count on an annual basis to accommodate changes in your overall desktop PC quantity. This program provides access to Microsoft software licenses for the term of the agreement through subscription-based licensing and offers new Open Value Subscription customers a potential savings of up to 50 percent on their first year's payment through credit for qualified existing software.

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Open License

Microsoft Open License is a good choice for organizations that want a minimum initial purchase of five software licenses. This program is a two-year term commitment and is ideal if you prefer to pay as you go, an important feature for a growing organization's changing environment.

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Zones software licensing specialists and our Microsoft team can help you assess how you are currently using Microsoft software and look ahead 2-3 years. Our experts will recommend the Microsoft Volume Licensing option and software mix that best fits your organization. And then we'll help you with your agreement, activate your benefits and provide ongoing support.