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Windows 10

What's New in Windows 10

It's the Windows you know, only better

Windows 10 is the best enterprise platform ever – enabling you to be more productive by simplifying management and deployment, working with existing apps, and helping to protect corporate data better than ever.

Upgrade your business to Windows 10 to get the freedom to do your best work, the way you want, from anywhere. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663.

Top 10 Features

  1. Start menu is back but even better now with live tiles. Extremely fast and intuitive for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 users alike.
  2. Built-in security helps protect your critical business information from leaks or theft, while separating corporate from personal files. New features are now delivered through always-enabled updates, helping you to stay current and your system to feel fresh and new.
  3. Windows Hello provides a truly personal and secure experience. You'll have the ability to log on to your devices using face, iris, or fingerprint (hardware permitting) using biometric authentication.
  4. Office and OneDrive provides access to everything you need from anywhere on any device.
  5. Voice, pen and gestures empowers you to work with devices the most natural way you want to with voice commands, digital inking, and gestures.
  6. Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who works across all your devices to help get things done. While staying transparent, Cortana can help you track down files on your computer, remind you to do things, and you can even dictate an email to her to send.
  7. Continuum provides new, innovative productivity experiences by displaying your apps and content beautifully on every device. On 2-in-1 devices you can run in desktop or tablet mode, seamlessly switching between type and touch inputs.
  8. Virtual desktops and snap features let you create virtual desktops as you need them and be able to toggle back and forth. Easily snap up to four apps in place and see all open tasks in a single view, or snap apps across screens on different monitors.
  9. Microsoft Edge is the all-new browser built to provide a better web experience – one that's made for easy sharing, reading, discovery, and getting things done online. You can even mark up web pages and save them for offline viewing with advertisements stripped away.
  10. Windows Store provides a unified shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. App developers now have the ability to create one app and have that app be universal.