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The right device for the right need

Educational institutions, just like all other sectors of the business world are constantly under pressure to provide not only great experiences, but to do it within their budget, without sacrificing quality. Windows has always been about providing the right device for the right need, not providing a one-size-fits-all device ecosystem. With Windows 10 Microsoft continue to provide choice, just more, and for all budgets.

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Reach all Students with Devices for Every Learning Style

By offering great device choice through the Windows ecosystem, younger learners can start on touch first devices, learning to write with on screen inking, while older students may prefer a 2-in-1 that allows them to take full advantage of the keyboard for Office productivity, but still have touch for appropriate content, all while using the same Windows.

With a variety of devices and inputs for assistive technologies, Windows 10 allows teachers to easily teach to different learning styles, including students with special needs.

There is Kinect for physical learners, digital pen for kinesthetic learners, text-to-speech for visually impaired students, speech-to-text for hearing impaired students, and the largest variety of assistive learning technologies.

Make existing Devices Better with Enhanced Start Menu and Fundamentals

Windows 10 makes things quicker, more efficient, and more convenient for students and teachers with improved fundamentals for security, performance user experience, and new features.

A top requested feature, which Microsoft is excited to bring back, is the convenient Start menu. You can customize and organize your start menu by pinning go-to apps and content.

Affordable Advanced Technology with Academic Volume Licensing for Education and Student Use Benefit

Windows 10 Education student use benefit provides Enterprise functionality at aggressive discount levels. For education institutions licensing Windows 10 organization-wide for faculty and staff, students can receive Windows 10 at no additional cost.

Office 365 and Microsoft Intune also have student use benefits that function in the same way as Windows 10 Education student use benefits.