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Volume Licensing

Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

Just one agreement to open and manage

By using the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement, you can consolidate all your licensed assets for software and Online Services within a single, non-expiring agreement. In addition, you can purchase at any time from Zones in any quantity. And you can apply your organization's volume discount for every purchase.

This consolidation streamlines the overall contract process and helps you get the full value of purchases across your organization. You can choose software, Online Services, or a hybrid solution customized to your needs. Add Software Assurance to software licenses for additional benefits.

Evaluate your licensing options with the Zones team that continues to win awards from Microsoft for operational excellence. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663.

The MPSA is a foundational agreement that consolidates all applicable terms and conditions that are in the current Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA), Microsoft Select Plus Agreement, and the Microsoft Online Services Agreement. MPSA features include the following:

  • A single agreement with integrated purchasing for Online Services, software, and Software Assurance, offering a single way to acquire your asset portfolio
  • Purchasing Accounts that empower you to define and redefine your organization's purchasing structure and that represent the entire organization and all entity types for easier asset management
  • Best overall pricing through consolidating points across Online Services and software

Suited for commercial organizations with 250 or more users, the MPSA is the best option for transactional purchases of Microsoft products and Online Services.

Interested in the cloud? The Office 365 Add-on can help you get there

Move to the cloud with the Office 365 Add-on, available for Select and Select Plus customers through the Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA).

  • Easy. Your existing Select or Select Plus agreement does not change. You retain all Software Assurance benefits, including rights to new product versions, support, training, and other services to deploy and accelerate adoption of Office 365.
  • Great Price. Pricing recognizes your existing investments in CAL Suites and Office with Software Assurance, while preserving your volume discounts for on-premises software and online services.
  • Flexible. Office 365 Add-on options provide flexibility, giving you an easy way to add Office 365 at any time, for any number of users, to any workload.

Since your Office 365 Add-on option is determined by your current licensing position, you should contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663 to review your Microsoft agreement.