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Dell Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Cost-effectively meet your data growth demands

As data needs continue to grow and capacity expansion becomes a necessity, you have to address the delicate balance between the need for additional storage and the finite space within your data center. The answer is to seamlessly expand your PowerEdge servers or Dell Storage arrays with Dell's direct attached storage (DAS) options.

Discover storage solutions that pair long-term investment protection with unmatched price/performance. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663 to learn more about Dell storage solutions.

PowerVault MD3060e Dense DAS Enclosure

The PowerVault MD3060e dense enclosure is a high-density storage solution in a compact 4U chassis enables quick expansion for PowerEdge servers while saving space, power and cooling expenses.

  • Mix and match up to 60 HDDs and SSDs in one chassis
  • Scale to 240 HDDs (with four MD3060e enclosure) per server
  • Maximize capacity to almost 1PB per R620 or R720 server
  • Store over 1PB of data in less than one-half of a standard rack

PowerVault MD1400 and MD1420 DAS Enclosure

The Dell Storage MD1400 and MD1420 DAS enclosures with 12Gb SAS throughput are specifically engineered to work with 13th generation of PowerEdge servers. Scaling capacity behind innovative next-generation servers enables end-to-end 12Gb solutions with exceptional storage flexibility and IO performance for such applications as:

  • High-performance databases
  • Streaming digital media
  • Storage-intensive applications

PowerVault MD1200 DAS Enclosure

The PowerVault MD1200 enclosure offers versatility and high-capacity storage for mainstream applications with optimal performance in sequential (streaming) applications.

  • Seamless server and primary storage expansion for 6Gb/s SAS environments
  • Supports mainstream and capacity-intensive applications such as email, backup to disk, and video streaming
  • Versatility for investment protection and data tiering

PowerVault MD1220 DAS Enclosure

PowerVault MD1220 is a direct-attached, energy-efficient storage expansion enclosure that provides the performance to satisfy demanding applications.

  • Seamless server expansion for 6Gb/s SAS environments
  • Supports performance-intensive applications such as Web server, database and e-mail
  • 2.5-inch small-form-factor (SFF) array, energy-efficient storage expansion enclosure

PowerVault MD3 SAS Storage Array Series

Consolidate your storage in an affordable PowerVault MD3 array-series designed for maximum performance and capacity.

  • Premium features including data replication, encryption, and secure data removal
  • High density in a small footprint – up to 60 SAS, NLSAS, and SSD drives
  • Supports a range of drive types and premium software features

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Configuration and Integration Services

Streamline deployment and the integration of new mobile devices into your IT organization by leveraging Zones services. Regardless of form factor and platform, systems can be delivered pre-configured based on your specifications.

Zones configuration and integration centers are equipped to support all of our services, and are strategically located to expedite deliveries. And with quality control checks in place, the accuracy and completeness of the work performed is guaranteed.

  • Installation of components
  • Custom hardware configuration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Custom imaging
  • Device activation
  • Asset tagging
  • Serial number capture and reporting

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