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    System Storage

    Storwize V3700

    Easy-to-use, affordable disk storage with advanced capabilities for small and medium businesses

    IBM Storewize V3700 is an entry level disk storage system designed with sophisticated capabilities unusual for a system of this class. It offers efficiency and flexibility through built-in thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration of data from existing storage. Built upon the innovative technology in the Storwize family, Storwize V3700 addresses block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations at an affordable price.

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    • Easily manage and deploy storage using a breakthrough graphical user interface
    • Gain efficiency with internal storage virtualization and high-performance thin provisioning
    • Have continuous access to data with integrated nondisruptive migration
    • Improve network utilization for remote mirroring with innovative replication technology
    • Optimize costs for mixed workloads, with up to three times performance improvement with only five percent flash storage capacity using IBM® Easy Tier®
    • Comply with Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3 and European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) specifications
    • Benefit from advanced functionality and reliability usually only found in more expensive systems
    • Scale up to 240 2.5-inch disk drives or 120 3.5-inch disk drives with nine expansion units
    • Provide host attachment through 6 Gbps SAS and 1 Gbps iSCSI ports (standard)
    • Help reduce power consumption with energy-saving features

    In the era of cloud, big data and analytics, and mobile and social computing, organizations need to meet ever-changing demands for storage while also improving data economics. IT must deliver more services faster and more efficiently, enable real-time insight and support more customer interaction. The right infrastructure allows clients to share information, secure transactions and drive real-time insights.

    The IBM Storwize family, including IBM Storwize V3700 helps organizations achieve better data economics by supporting these new workloads that are critical to their success. Storwize family systems can handle the massive volumes of data from mobile and social applications, enable rapid and flexible cloud services deployments, and deliver the performance and scalability needed to gain insights from the latest analytics technologies.

    IBM Storwize V3700, the entry-level system in the IBM Storwize family, is an efficient, easy-to-use system designed to complement virtual server environments while delivering flexibility and innovative storage functions.

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